The History of the School

Our school grounds used to be part of a farm called Lombardy Estates. The farm was owned by a Mr Zoccola who was born in Italy. He bought the 4 000acres of land in 1893 and planted millions of trees, fruit trees and grape vines. A portion of Lombardy Estate was carefully cut up into a township and arranged in such a manner that a river (the Jukskei) crossed the property enabling future inhabitants the use of water. Italian and Portuguese market gardens were farmed on this fertile soil. A very interesting fact- a thriving amethyst mine was situated at what is now Keats Rd Lombardy East. Rembrandt Park School opened for the first time on the 2nd August 1960. The enrolment of learners was 168 with Mr W Morton as the acting Principal. Mr Sinclair became the first permanent principal of Rembrandt Park School on 1st June 1962.
The school was officially opened by Dr A H du Preez van Wyk, Director of Education on the 11th August 1962. After Mr Sinclair’s retirement in 1981 Mr Myburgh became the next principal and he served the school and the community in an exceptional manner from1982-1997.
He was followed by Mr Stuart who became the principal from 1998-1999 and he was succeeded by Mr Van Schalkwyk as principal from 2000-2007.
Mrs Seema has taken over the reigns of the school as principal in 2008.

The School Badge

It is suggested that our school badge tells a special story:
The 2 red sections on either side of the black strip stand for the suburbs: REMBRANDT PARK and LOMBARDY EAST.
The black strip in the middle stands for MARLBOROUGH ROAD.
The 3 GRAPEVINE LEAVES show that the school stands where MR ZOCCOLA’S farm once was.
The BOOK on top of the badge shows that we come to school to learn.
The CROWN is the same one as in the badge of SANDRINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL, which shows that SANDRINGHAM is the high school for this area, and many of the learners will go there.

However, you are free to interpret the school badge as it suits you.